Do You Need a Healthy Vacation to Help You Heal?

One facet of balanced healthy living is about detoxifying your body and your life. Along with eating nutrient-dense, whole foods and proper supplementation, getting rid of the toxins in your body is extremely important. In fact, these three things go hand in hand. You can do one or two of them, but you won’t have the same healing results as you will if you do all three of them.

Chronic disease and degenerative conditions are caused by toxins in the body that pollute the blood and tissues, weaken resistance and immunity and attract unfriendly bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other microbes to invade and breed. In a healthy body, toxins are produced and then excreted through the main detox pathways on a regular basis, but in a body that is unbalanced and unhealthy, the detox pathways can’t keep up with the onslaught of toxins. When this happens, the toxins are retained in the blood, tissues, organs and cells. The more the toxins overload the body, the more damage is done.

The Causes Of Toxic Overload

Retaining toxins within the body has two basic causes: one is massive toxic overload triggered by exposure to environmental toxins in the food you eat, the air you breathe and the water you drink and bathe with; the other is impaired elimination processes due to unhealthy personal habits, exhaustion, and the low vitality of the nervous system caused by our commonly hyperactive modern lifestyles.

In most cases, toxic overload is the product of variety of factors, such as haphazard eating habits and food and water contaminated by all sorts of chemicals; smoking and drinking; living a lifestyle of working hard and playing hard; and excessive stress levels combined with insufficient rest – just to name a few. No matter what the source or sources, the end result is the same – a chronic state of toxic overload. This can be the root cause of all diseases and degeneration.

So, the only way to have true healing is to detoxify the body, repair damaged vital organs and restore balance. When the blood and tissues have been purged of poisons, then the bacteria, viruses and germs can no longer attack so aggressively and the body is able to repair the damage done.

Detoxification And Retoxification

One of the first steps is to make changes in your daily life that helps your body to detox. It will involve changing your eating habits, making some changes in your personal life (such as reducing stress levels, reducing and/or removing toxin sources) and learning how your body works. The goal is to stay ahead of the “retoxification” that is inevitable in our modern world by eliminating the things that cause the detox pathways to be sluggish or non-functioning.

The autonomic nervous system controls all the body’s vital functions, which has two antagonistic branches. One is the sympathetic branch that engages with physical activity, hard work, stress, excitement, emotional upset, sensory stimulation or other intense activity. This is sometimes called the “fight or flight” mode where the body kicks in adrenaline to give you the energy to stand your ground and fight or run from perceived danger. Your body doesn’t know the difference between these different types of triggers, so when this system is fired repeatedly, the energy it produces each time is less and less.

The other branch is called the parasympathetic system. This one regulates the immune system, controls the body’s detoxification and cleansing systems, and normalizes the excretory systems. This system is also called the “rest & relaxation” circuit. The only way to activate this branch is to provide the body and the mind with a period of complete rest and relaxation on a regular basis.

The human body was designed to function with both systems balancing each other. When the sympathetic system is fired due to intense activity, it should be followed by a period of rest and relaxation to help the body recuperate and rebalance. When the sympathetic system is turned on for extended periods of time, it adversely affects the immune response, the excretory and detoxification functions and allows toxins to build up in the body.

This toxic buildup leads to adrenal exhaustion and sets the stage for disease and degenerative decay. The body simply cannot eliminate toxins, process waste, regenerate cellular structure and restore balance without having adequate rest and relaxation that is needed for the parasympathetic mode to work.

Unfortunately, most everyone is hanging out on the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system these days. We are always on the go, rushing from home to work to other appointments; living with unrelenting stress from job pressures, financial concerns or relationship issues; and not taking the time we need to truly rest and relax. Add in poor eating habits that we’ve had for years, the lack of vitamins and minerals in the food that we do eat and the constant exposure to environmental toxins and you have a recipe for disaster. Even our “vacations” can be stressful, to the point that we dread going back to work because of all the things that need to be done! All of these things conspire to keep the sympathetic system switched on day and night, which makes retoxification happen faster than detoxification.

The answer, while simple, is not always easy. You must eliminate the toxins that have built up internally, and stop the flow of toxins getting into the body as much as possible. Although there is no way to totally avoid toxic exposures these days, you can certainly reduce your risk by taking preventative measures and making some basic changes to your diet and lifestyle. One important thing is to learn how to rest and relax.

One Healthy Vacation Coming Up!

This summer I encourage you to start making changes, even if they are small ones! Learn to rest and relax. Take a break – not only from your hard work, but also from worry, anger and other forms of emotional excitement that affect the elimination process.

One simple way to get started might be to take a “healthy vacation” instead of an “action vacation” that leaves you even more exhausted and toxic than when you started. Try taking a day or two (or more) to relax, rest and refresh yourself. Go to the beach or wherever your happy place is, or stay home and do nothing – the point is to give yourself permission to relax without feeling guilty that you are taking time for yourself. I think you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much better your body functions after allowing your system to rest.

Remember, the body can only repair itself and detoxify when the mind is at rest and the parasympathetic branch is operating. There is no way you can do this simply by taking supplements and eating the right foods, while still locked into the hectic activities of ordinary daily life. In fact, there is not a day that goes by in my practice that I’m not talking to clients about getting “more rest,” but it is a hard concept for people to get their heads around.

A Multifaceted Approach

So, has your body lost its ability to detox and cleanse itself? Is it time to start learning about nutritional and lifestyle changes that will allow your body to rebalance itself? Would you like to be able to replenish your energy reserves, restore resistance to disease and degeneration, and cleanse and purify your body naturally? A Balanced Healthy Living Program is a multifaceted approach that can provide you with the tools you need to be able to make this happen.

A Balanced Healthy Living Program is not about diagnosing or treating any particular disease. It utilizes a hair mineral analysis to design a customized diet, supplement, lifestyle, and detox program to improve the entire body’s energy level, reduce stress and improve the metabolic rate of the body. This program can only show you the way, however, while the will to follow it can only come from you. Hopefully, I can inspire the WILL in YOU.

I would love to discuss a Nutritional Balancing Program with you. Get started with a complimentary call.

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