Are You Living by Design or by Default?

A New Year is just a few days away, and I am so excited! While I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by, I’m looking forward to starting a new one, and I hope you are too.

In the last couple months of each year, I like to reflect back on what worked and what didn’t work, to let go of things that I know I need to and to plan my year ahead. By “planning” I mean writing it down, putting things on the calendar and really figuring out what I need to do day-by-day to achieve and create what I want. For me to be successful and focused, it has to be scheduled, and it has be written down.

Living By Design

I want to live my life by design and not default. I first heard that phrase a couple of years ago from several different people, and it really resonated with me. I know it isn’t new, but you know how sometimes you hear something that you have heard before but, this time, it just sticks, and it really becomes a part of who you want to be? That’s what happened to me with this phrase.

I love setting goals, creating vision boards, keeping the things that I want to achieve in front of me at all times, leaning into the future. Visualizing and figuring out who I truly want to be and how I want to feel is important to me. I want to design the life I live! I would much rather write down my goals, dreams, and desires so that I have a concrete plan on how to achieve them than to get several weeks, months or years down the road and wonder where the time went. Setting and writing down my goals gives me a roadmap to be able to live my life by design and not by default, and I want to encourage others to do the same.

I want you to know that I certainly don’t have everything about my health completely resolved and figured out. Autoimmune disease is a tricky health condition, but I am so much better than I used to be. I have, however, figured out many things that help me feel better and live the kind of life I want to live. I definitely don’t weigh close to 300 lbs anymore, and my hair is no longer falling out; I have more energy, and my body doesn’t hurt all the time.

I can honestly say I know how to keep my health in check and move forward and I have more clarity about what I want to create in my life. I just have to continue to act on it. You see, just because I’m a Nutritional Therapist doesn’t mean that I don’t have health concerns and struggles.We’re all a work in progress, and there are still times that I have to push away those negative thoughts of “Who do you think you are consulting with clients on their health and healing when you don’t have it all figured out and aren’t ‘perfect’ yet?” One of the 12 Focus Areas of my practice is a Positive Mindset, and I have to renew my mind all the time just as I work with my clients on doing.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Have you heard the saying that we often teach what we need to learn most? I study, research, and learn more about health not just for my clients, but also for me. Through working with my clients, I keep myself accountable, and I stay focused on balancing and creating my life and my health by design. So really, I know I need them as much, or even more than they need me. I believe that my clients teach me and make me better each and every day. I need them to walk alongside me on my journey as I walk alongside them on theirs. Just like everyone else, I have to stay motivated, have a plan, stay accountable, have people around me to keep me on course and headed in the right direction.

We all need to take steps daily to continue to maintain our course and our commitment to improving our health as long as we are alive on this earth. Anyone who tells you they are totally healthy and has it all figured out is either lying or not growing anymore.

This Can Be Your Day, Week, Month, Year!

We all need to remember that every day is a new day, and it’s never too late to start over…or to just begin!!! We don’t have to let failure or illness derail us. If you weren’t happy with last year, last month, last week or even yesterday, try something different. Don’t stay stuck! If you want to get better and want to seek for help and answers, you can start taking action TODAY and see improvements next year. Instead of thinking that all the stars need to align perfectly before you can start working on your health, start designing the life you want to have and put that plan into action.

Perfect health can be hard to maintain. Childhood illness, major or minor accidents, stress, financial concerns, food choices, toxic exposures, and life, in general, can all slowly take their toll. If you haven’t been feeling as well as you’d like, perhaps you know why, or maybe you don’t. Either way, starting on a plan to make sure you are living your healthiest life is truly what “preventive care” is about. Is it time to recover your health and start designing your own unique, healthy life?

Design Your Life

Let me help you get started cleaning up your body, your diet, and your lifestyle. A hair mineral analysis can help you put the pieces together of why you are feeling the way you are feeling and can detect imbalances before symptoms show up. It can give you the data that you need and the ongoing monitoring to keep you going because it’s so much easier to stick to a plan when you understand why you are doing it.

We need to be able to look at your biochemistry to put all the right pieces in place so that you aren’t confused when it comes to choosing your health and nutrition plan. Once you have the bigger picture, the guidance, and feedback, you can move toward feeling better with more clarity. But more importantly, before all of that, you need to be in the right frame of mind and to know you are deserving of this kind of healing and healthy life!

Are you ready to live life by design and not default?

Most people wait until they are ill before addressing their health. Why not work to prevent sickness and disease? Design your life so that you live in the best possible health, tap into your full potential, and maximize your life expression (and that goes for your family too!) Is this the year you should get started on a comprehensive plan for better health? If so, I would love to be a part of helping you to get healthy. Get started with a complimentary call.

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