Restoring Balance and Achieving Better Health
Takes a Multifaceted Approach


Is it time to start on a journey to a healthier YOU?

I believe that in order to help others feel better and live a healthier life, there needs to be a multifaceted approach. This means that not only do we need to address nutrition we need to address lifestyle changes, targeted supplementation, and detoxification methods. These all work together to bring your health back into balance.   No matter how healthy you eat, you cannot achieve true health without working on these four things. They are all a part of Healthy Living!

Nutritional balancing based on a hair tissue mineral analysis views the body as a whole and focuses on the underlying stress response pattern in the human body, rather than chasing symptoms. We work on bringing the body’s minerals into balance while simultaneously eliminating harmful toxins.  In order to have true health, we must begin to bring the body chemistry back to a state of balance, which will also address the root causes of many physical, mental and emotional health issues. This is what my Nutritional Balancing and Healthy Living approach is all about. 

If you are ready to restore balance and become an active participant in your preventative and restorative health care, this is a program for you.  I enjoy working with clients who seek to know the root cause of their ailments (fatigue, body aches and pains, weight gain, brain fog and so much more), and who are ready and willing to make changes necessary for real, permanent healing to take place so they can live their healthiest life.

My goal is to encourage, guide and support clients to live healthier lives and to take responsibility for their own health through nourishing food and lifestyle changes. Your health and quality of life depend on the choices you make every day. Let me walk alongside you and support you on your journey to a healthier you.

To help you get started, I use an approach that engages you to take an active role in your health. I can guide you and give you recommendations, but I cannot do the changing for you.   You need to be actively pursuing new habits and new ways of living. You have to have the desire to feel better and do the things necessary to get there.

I will listen to your unique history and look at how the interaction of your nutrition, environment, and lifestyle factors influence your health. We will figure out your why and the root causes of your health concerns together. Our common goal will be to restore your body to its natural balance and regain the vitality and health that you desire.

Have a search around my site and ask yourself if this is a journey you should get started on. If so, sign up for a free consultation to ask all your questions, or simply send me an email to get started. Let’s begin a journey together to your new Healthy Life!

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