Changing Direction Doesn’t Mean Stopping

For many of us, when we start something new, it brings with it a feeling of hope and excitement. However, we must also have a clear reality of what to expect and a firm commitment that once we know better, there isn’t a choice of stopping or turning back. This is especially true when it comes to getting our health back. Real change ultimately comes from within. It is a choice. It is a decision – a commitment – it’s you taking part in your own healing process!

For us to become whole and healthy, we must balance the body, mind, and spirit. We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have a positive mental attitude about ourselves and about life. And we need to have a strong spiritual connection. When these three things are balanced, we rejoice in living. No doctor or health practitioner can give us this unless we choose to take part in our healing process. – Louise Hay

You may want something different in your life, but if you don’t have a new perspective or a new lens to see old problems, will things really change? How many times have you started something and then gave up when it got tough? Most of the time there are fears embedded in starting (or continuing) on your journey. You need to continue to overcome those fears as you launch into a change of any kind.

When the shine of starting something new wears off, and you worry that you can’t, won’t, or don’t have time, motivation or desire to become the healthy, balanced person you’ve always wanted to be, remember this:

You have said yes to start on a healing journey….a journey to support your body on its road back to health, and this process doesn’t happen overnight. Once you know better, you should strive to keep going even when it gets really hard. Lots of the changes you are making will need to continue indefinitely, and some will only be until some healing occurs. This is where intense efforts can turn into daily routine. Really, what is the choice once you know better? Are you going to give it all up to go back to what you were doing before?

Don’t Give Up!

Often when we embark on something new, we get frustrated because we don’t get instant results, and we wonder whether it’s going to pay off. Keep in mind that outward progress doesn’t reflect inner progress. Just because you can’t see or feel big changes YET, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. All good things take time and nothing substantial or lasting comes without effort. Don’t give up just because you can’t see the visual progress. It’s happening beneath the surface, and you will rise when the conditions are right.

As a human being, you will always have struggles just living in the toxic world that we do, but each day you must decide what you need to do that day to be your best self. It would literally be impossible to do everything, but if you are living by design and always working on BALANCE, then you are so much better off than most people in the world. Weight, anxiety, illness, and disease have the opportunity to take over your life when you are out of balance!

There may be times that you have to recalibrate your direction, but that direction is NOT going back down the path or coming to a complete stop. Becoming your healthiest self doesn’t have a specific destination. Well, I guess there is, and that would be when we die, but until then each and every day this is a journey about becoming the best and healthiest version of you!!! To do that you have to be constantly growing and learning and trying each day to be better. If you think of how much there really is to learn about our health, that in itself could take a lifetime.

You are making a choice to live your life by design. If you have already started working with me, you have a plan and a direction, and you have check-in points every 3-4 months along your journey already established (Hair Mineral Analysis Re-tests.) This will help you know when you might need to change course a little, but that doesn’t mean that you give up or stop. It just means you have a new plan and a new direction.

When things get tough, that is your time to recommit. At times, for me, recommitting is something I need to do almost every day. Balancing our health is really, really hard and takes lots of determination and disciplined.

Ditch The Guilt And Shame

If you stray away a little…the guilt and shame are not necessary. Once you give into the cycle of guilt and shame, you start to self-sabotage. People who show compassion toward themselves are better able to regain self-control while people who feel deeply guilty and full of self-blame struggle more. Instead of beating yourself up for being “weak” or “undisciplined”, try and see the stumbles as part of the process. Self-encouragement is so much more important than self-blame. Be gentle with yourself and remember you are on a great path and you can get back on!

This journey will be filled with ups and downs, but try to enjoy the process. Love yourself, get to know your true self and give gratitude to the amazing changes you are making even if they are small. Each change you make is a positive one. Even the smallest beginning will make a difference.

You will love the person that you will become even more because you have fought to become him or her. This journey requires a level of trust like no other, but it is a confidence in yourself, not in someone else. Are you doing what you say you’ll do? Are you staying true and committed to doing what you said, planned and thought about doing?

If each and every day you continue to let yourself down, after a while you stop even trying. Have you ever had a friend, or even a family member, in your life that you could not trust? Maybe they were unreliable, judgmental, or overstepped their boundaries all the time. That is not a person that you want to keep in your life, so why would you do the same to yourself? You have to be your priority so that you can go out into the world and shine and be the light for others.

Everyone needs to have reliable, trustworthy, nonjudgmental people (your inner circle) to depend on in this life. You have to be able to trust them, so that when you are struggling they can be there to help. However, you have to love yourself first, be reliable and accountable to yourself first, and be nonjudgmental to yourself first. How could you ever be that for others if you aren’t that for you?

Now is the time to really let this sink in. There is no turning back on your journey to being the Best You That You Can Be. Your journey of Never ending self-improvement and balance has begun, and I am so honored and blessed that our paths have crossed and that we are on this journey together.

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