Essential Oil Fall Diffusing Blends

Can you believe summer is coming to an end already? The first day of Fall is right around the corner! The leaves are beginning to turn colors, and I find myself reaching for my sweater each morning as I head outside to do my barn and horse chores. As autumn sweeps into our lives, I want to share a few blends with you that I love to make with essential oils and diffuse around my house and office.

Diffusers are becoming more popular every day, and you can see them all over the place. These small devices disperse a mist of cool water and essential oil particles into the air, increasing oxygen availability, releasing natural ozone and producing negative ions to counter the effects of positive ions created by all of our electrical devices.

Think of it as a natural air freshener, with “natural” being the key word here. Synthetic air fresheners are loaded with toxic chemicals that can have serious health effects on you, your family and even your pets. Using a diffuser to purify the air and make your home or workspace smell amazing won’t adversely affect your health.

Benefits Of Diffusing

There are many different types of diffusers available. Some have timers, while others have lights and play music. There are even diffusers that plug into the USB port on your computer and diffusers for your car!

No matter what kind of machine you choose, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the essential oil you are using. Not all essential oils are created equal, so knowing where they come from and whether or not they are made with chemical additives is important.

For this reason, I use and recommend only Young Living essential oils. I have been to the farm where some of the plants used are grown and have seen the distillation process firsthand. I can assure you that no chemicals are added, so you won’t have to worry about potential health hazards.

That being said, diffusing high-quality essential oils is a safe, non-toxic and therapeutic way to:

  • Make your house smell good.
  • Relax the body, relieve tension and clear the mind.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Improve concentration, alertness and metal clarity.
  • Purify the air by increasing ozone and negative ions in the area.
  • Promote emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Start by diffusing oils for 15-30 minutes a day. As you become accustomed to the oils and recognize their effects, you may increase the diffusing time to 1-2 hours per day or longer. Personally, I often keep mine going most of the day.

My Favorite Fall Diffuser Blends

Diffused oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors, effectively eliminating them rather than just masking the odor. By combining different oils in your diffuser, you can create different scent combinations, plus you get the combined benefits of the essential oils.

Whether you are using them to get rid of pet odors, reduce stress, increase alertness or improve sleep – or just to make your house smell great – you can experiment with your favorite oils and create your own blends.

Here are eight of my favorite blends to diffuse in the Fall.


If you are not already diffusing essential oils, I hope you give it a try this Fall and start experiencing the benefits first-hand. Why not create a new and healthier habit of starting and ending your day with diffusing one of the fall blends above and see how good your house can smell and how different it can make you feel?

You can purchase all the essential oils that you need and a diffuser when you become a member of the Young Living team!

If you would like more information about essential oils and the different types of diffusers available from Young Living, it’s easy, just contact me. Happy diffusing!

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