It’s All About Balance

 love the word “balance,” because I feel that life is all about balance – whether it’s your emotions, your stress management, your diet or even your ability to have fun. One of my passions is to encourage others to live a balanced, healthy life. I think the reason for this is that finding balance in my own life has been and continues to be a struggle at times and we often teach what we need to learn the most.

Just one simple example for me, might be, I have to make sure that I measure out my 3 quarts of water every morning or it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll get busy and not get it all in. By measuring it and setting it out on the counter where I see it, I’m much more likely to be successful.

While this seems like just a small thing, the effects of not drinking enough water each day can have a great impact on other areas of my life. For instance, my energy level is lower and I feel hungrier. When I don’t drink enough water I tend have more cravings and feel more irritable, which can have a ripple effect on my mind set, my activity level and so much more.

Taking Things For Granted

We often take physical balance for granted, just like we do health, but once you’re struggling to maintain it, the value of balance becomes crystal clear. When you lose your balance physically, it can be scary and uncomfortable, but your body immediately responds in order to regain stability. It’s not something you have to consciously think about, it just happens.

Unfortunately, when you lose your balance in other areas of life, you must consciously make a decision to move in a different direction to regain stability. Life has a way of throwing unexpected situations at you, which can leave you feeling as if the ground beneath you has shifted

Over time, too much or too little of anything will take its toll on your wellbeing, whether it’s food, work, play, sleep, stress or any number of other things. When this happens, it’s much easier to push the boundaries of what is healthy for us until we end up living a lifestyle that is not sustainable (and unhealthy), but we don’t know how to stop. We’ve become so disconnected that we’re not even sure where to begin to reclaim our life balance.

I truly believe that finding balance is a skill that must be practiced and honed. Unfortunately, it’s not something you achieve once then remain there forever. Instead, it requires constant maintenance and takes a lot of practice.

Balance Takes Work

You may find balance in one area, but something happens in another facet of life that throws you a little off balance. That’s the time to stop, and adjust your thoughts, actions, emotions or whatever to bring yourself back into balance. This is a conscious decision that you’ll need to make over and over again. If you don’t take the time to work on the wobbly area, eventually, you’ll end up back in that unhealthy, unsustainable, out-of-balance lifestyle.

You can become an expert in maintaining your balance by staying present in each moment and using that information to recognize the signs that you’ve pushed yourself too far or neglected something that is vitally important. As you become more proficient in recognizing these signs, you give yourself the opportunity to become your own expert in the never-ending art of creating balance.

The key to keeping balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.

The underlying causes of health concerns you may be dealing with can be a combination of different areas that are out of balance. My nutritional balancing program was designed to help you determine what those imbalances are, as well as provide a roadmap of how to work on them.

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