Do You Really Need Supplements?

Do You Really Need Supplements?

Many people ask why they need to take vitamins and minerals instead of just acquiring them simply from pure, organic whole foods.

Unfortunately, the times have changed, and the quality of food has deteriorated. Among the reasons are depleted soil, low nutrient crops, modern fertilizers that do not supply enough trace elements and food processing. Added to that is the use of pesticides, herbicides and hormones in our vegetables, meats, fish, and poultry. Long distance transportation of many foods further diminishes their nutritional content.

The simple truth is that you can’t always get everything you need from your diet as your body works hard to fight your daily toxic burden, overcome genetics, recover from chronic stress, and reduce inflammation.

How Supplements Help

Supplements are needed today to help offset the depleted and toxic food supply, improper diets and eating habits.

Also, food supplements can be used to enhance the stress response, and balance body chemistry in very specific ways. Even if your diet did provide everything your body requires, you might not be absorbing those nutrients if you have a leaky gut or weak digestion.

Targeted supplements are important to help rebuild and correct your body chemistry

Supplements can also help remove all toxic metals easily, quickly, deeply and without the need for chelating agents and other less safe methods.

Choosing Supplements

When using supplements, it is important to discuss which brand, what dose, when to take it, how long to take it and when to evaluate whether it’s working.

In my Balanced Healthy Living Program, all supplement choices are based on a properly performed hair analysis. This means the supplements you use are very specific in their doses and nutrient combinations. Since your body shifts and starts trying to balance itself, I recommend re-testing every three to four months to show what changes are needed in the diet, the lifestyle, and the supplement program.

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