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Welcome to Tina’s Healthy Living!

My goal is to educate, guide and support clients to live healthier lives and to take responsibility for their own health through nourishing food and lifestyle changes. Your health and quality of life depend on the choices you make every day. Let me walk along side and support you on your journey to a healthier you.

I help people get healthy and stay healthy with a properly prepared, nutritionally dense, whole foods diet; along with some assessment tools that help us unravel some of the causes of poor health. If you address the underlying factors tied to your health challenges, the body has an incredible inherent ability to balance and heal itself. I believe that it’s an honor to be able to share all that I have learned and experienced with YOU to create awareness!

I work one-on-one with individual clients (in person, by phone and/or by Skype) to help you

  • Identify your bio-individuality
  • Learn the importance of a traditional, properly prepared whole foods diet
  • Take hold of a new way of life and a new commitment to be the best YOU that you can be


Have a search around my site and ask yourself if you’re truly happy in all aspects of your health. If not, why not start implementing some change…..now? Sign up for a free consultation to ask all your questions, or simply send me an email to get started. Let’s begin a journey together to your new Healthy Life!


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