Essential Oils Classes

The body is about homeostasis, or in other words, balance; a balance of emotion, systems, energy, chemical processes, etc.  When the body is in alignment it begins to put itself into balance.  Essential oils, along with a nutritional balancing program, can help you return to a natural state of balance so that you can live your healthiest life.

Essential oils provide support to all body systems and can improve or enhance sleep, digestion, detoxification, emotions and so much more. They are safe to use with children, adults, and animals and can replace many toxic products in your home.

Classes listed below are for the continuing education of Young Living members. If you’re not a member and you are interested in attending one of these Facebook classes, simply email me for an invitation. If you’re not able to attend the session at the scheduled time, once you click “going” or “interested” on the event invitation, you will be able to come back and look at all the information at your convenience.



Oily Gifts for the Holidays

Facebook Class

Tuesday, November 7th @ 6:30 pm PDT

You love the oils, and you want to share them with the ones you love too! Yummy smelling and beautiful options that will increase your loved one’s health and happiness? Aren’t you like the best gift-giver ever!

Lucky for you, our next Facebook class is all about oily gifts for the holidays! We’ll review the seasonal collections and brand new gifts for the whole family. (And let’s be honest, we’ll be shopping for ourselves too. We also deserve it to get exactly what we want).

Simplify your shopping from the comfort of your couch! *And* spend your dollars with a company that shares your values of quality, customer service, environmental sustainability, and philanthropy.